Please enjoy a short story about an adventure to Sturgis

NOTE: This is based on a true story, but the facts have been changed.

Sturgis, South Dakota is home of one of the oldest, most popular motorcycle rallies in the U.S. Attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally one year ago and spending a nice, week-long vacation there locally was one of the best decisions we've ever made in regards to our many excursions. My husband David and I have been lifetime fans of motorbikes of every type, and after years of yearning we decided to spoil ourselves and take a long trip west to enjoy the massive gathering.  Yet, we needed a place to stay and enjoy a relaxing vacation without having to deal with a shoddy hotel and the rush of fellow bike cultivators. We couldn't simply attend the events for a sleepless pair of days and head on home right away without enjoying ourselves and seeing the sights and tourist attractions of the community!

On a desperate online search for some sort of accomodations we could use in regards to our South Dakota stay, my husband one day stumbled across a website by the name of, a reliable site that includes local lodgings avaliable for rent during the Sturgis Motor Rally. Property owners of the area are able to feature their listings and list the benefits, prices, and other helpful information as courteous locals. The site ended up being easy-to-use and simply perfect in easily finding an area suitable for a worthwhile and secure vacation.  After browsing through the listings, we came to happily settle for a comfortable and secluded small home in Rapid City, with fantastic prices compared to the numbers that the paranoid hubby and I had been spitting out prior to our access to the site.

Upon reaching the quiet little area in the fresh dawn of August, we quickly came to find that our lodgings were extremely accurate according to the site listing and we were very pleased. We met the homeowners shortly after our arrival- they were polite, experienced in their line of business, and didn't give us any confusion or trouble. We weren't familiar with the Sturgis region and they were glad to give us some tips and assisting in where to go, what the best hotspots were, and and how to get there. They provided us with so much more than David and I had bargained for (in a good way!), we received fantastic service and accomodations from the people we had reached from the website as first-time users. The house itself was just as described- the property covered just above three acres, was spotless (saying plenty, as I'm quite the 'neatfreak'), had two bedrooms and bathrooms each, a bright, quiet and positive neighborly environment, and an absolutely FANTASTIC view of Rapid City. Our lodgings were on a higher elevation point which provided hardly any traffic in our area and gave us an easier time to locate what we needed to.

The rally, needless to say, exceeded our expectations of fun. The western motorcycling subculture rang vibrantly throughout our experience in the area. It was an adventure David and I are sure to never forget. We were sure to pick up a bunch of souveniers to bring back our fellow fan relatives- we were hooked up with neat patches, pins, books that provided history of the event, and more. The food and healthy blend of country and rock n' roll music we listened to during four nights of our visits was fantastic, and I had to discourage David from getting a biker tattoo at one of the stands!  During the motorcycle rally, we took our very much awaited visit to the world's most renowned biker bar, the Full Throttle Saloon! My husband and I are head over heels in love with the show, it's one of our main guilty pleasures and we got to witness the area of all the action and experience the fun. He was hoping to somehow get on the show and be on camera, and was a little disappointed nevertheless was ecstatic to meet South Dakota natives who were raised with genuine biker backgrounds, share a few delicious drinks, and ogle a few of the shiny, firey Choppers. With all of the fun we had, the trip around the Sturgis region was never a bother as our lodgings were conveniently located and every car ride provided something new and exciting we hadn't seen before.

My husband and I couldn't help but take advantage of the gorgeous Black Hills not too far off from Sturgis and Rapid City. In fact, we had registered beforehand for the annual Mayor's Ride during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and got to experience a whirlwind of beautiful, natural sights along with receiving quite the generous gift pack. Ha, we had to have looked like the ultimate cheesy couple of tourists throughout our stay in western South Dakota; the both of us constantly grinning ear-to-ear sporting collectible tees garnished with shiny biker pins. Regardless, it was a darn fun experience and we were proud to show off our appreciation!

Despite our love for anything with a seductively loud, purring engine, David and I have an overwhelming appreciation for nature and geographical attractions as we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities we had to experience the Black Hills and Badlands areas on our own subsequent to the rally excursion. The tourist attractions we experienced were interactive, informative, and took a realistic and prideful throwback into Old Western history and cultural aspects. We had thrown our mountain bikes in the back of our vehicle before our trip to SD and put them to good use in the Black Hills, through a few protected parks and bike trails. Don't think we forgot about Mount Rushmore, which served as a breathtaking monument to experience in person. We backpacked through parts of two national parks of the area in one day, followed by a sophisticated and Western-style evening spent at a close-by casino (the Black Hills area is very reputable for their casino facilities in Deadwood) and fine dining area. We not only had time for motorbikes and nature, but a little bit of friendly gambling and romanticism as well!

At the end of our journey, naturally full of quirks and twists that made exploration of the Black Hills area all the more fun, I'm grateful for having been chasing a long-time passion between my husband and I and finally exercising a nice trip that we've been meaning to do for years. I can't say it'll be the last time we'll show up at the rally, especially provided we were accommodated so nicely and inexpensively for our stay. Things fell into place beautifully, and I partially owe it to fine prior planning and our fantastic housing situation that provided versatility and plenty of comfort. I can speak for both David and I through saying it was a truly satisfying vacation, and we'll be begging for more shortly. Sturgis has become my long-lost second home. What an adventure!